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April, 2008
Zion Lutheran Church
1906 - 2008

In this issue:
1. Table of Contents Renewal
2. Across the Pastor’s Desk
Easter Season
3. Blessings Abound
Summer Lay Pastor
Church Council Hi Lites
Food Bank / Change for Hunger
4. Zion Youth News
Vacation Bible School
How to Live a Healthy & Holy Life
5. With Thanks
For The Record
Financial Report
Attendance Report
Pastoral Acts
6. Memorials
Endowment Quarterly Report
7. Zion Lutheran Church Women
Spring Fling

The use of the prefix “re-“ gets overworked as we move into the seasons of Spring and Summer. “Renewal” and “re-vitalization” are the catch words as we watch nature come alive with flowers, budding trees, and new animal life. From the butterfly coming out of its cocoon to the chick emerging from the egg, we are reminded that we can shrug off the heavy coats of winter and enjoy the sunshine.
Economic development in our rural communities makes much use of the word “renewal”. The hope is to see businesses reopen; young people find jobs and stay; and Main Street become an active place where growth is the operative word.
The Christian church is no different. We want to see “renewal”, meaning more children in Sunday School, more people in the pews on Sunday morning, more financial resources with which to do the work of ministry, and so the monthly bills can be met without scratching our heads.
But renewal within the church is also different. Renewal often means a new birth rising out of the death of something. It is key to what we believe in our life in Jesus Christ –– we die to our former life and are reborn children of God. Part of the funeral service makes use of words from John 12; “. . unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. . .” We measure all dying and being reborn by our life in Jesus Christ. Nothing makes any sense unless it serves the call God has given us as God’s people.
Keeping that call in mind, our question concerning renewal in the church is, “How is God working among us in this congregation?” Are we open to the wind of the Spirit in this place? The Church Council is looking at congregational renewal as part of our overall view of life in this place. Sometimes things have to die in order to be reborn. If you can see areas of renewal that are needed in the congregation, if you feel the Holy Spirit is moving us in a different direction, please speak out. All of us need constant renewal as God’s people and we need to keep checking our focus to be sure our eyes are on Jesus alone. There are a number of committees which need members of the congregation to join and assist in this renewal. Good things will happen only with much prayer, thoughtful discussion, and all of us working together. The committees in need of members are: Property and Management, Stewardship, Education, Social Ministry, Evangelism, Worship, and Youth. Please contact Bill Miller, council president, or Pastor Avis if you would like to volunteer. Most committees meet once a month.

ZIONEWS - Page 2 April, 2008
~ Across the
Pastor’s desk ~

The past several months we have seen a number of baptisms take place at Zion. Some are members of the church, others are looking for a church, and a third group are families with a tradition in the church who return to have their children baptized here. We’ve had babies, toddlers and a group of fifth graders. But, whenever baptism happens it is a good thing for the Christian church. There is a board in the narthex with pictures of the 2008 baptisms, sponsors and families. Please keep these children in your prayers for growth in faith. The Holy Spirit has ignited a good work in them which the church (us) must fan until it becomes a good flame.
For those babies whose families are members of Zion we then begin our baptism ministry. Each month until the child is three years old, a sheet of devotions and faith in life suggestions are sent to the parents. Included with this is a CD with age appropriate songs. This is a way we have of staying in touch with parents and children until they are ready for Sunday School.
Courtesy of the Youth ministry, each child receives a gift bag which contains their baptismal candle, the Hardanger cloth made by ladies in the chancel guild, and several items books, music, which again lead to faith in life.
Baptism is central to who we are as Gods people. The act of baptism occurs only once, but the power of the water on our heads goes on forever.
The Easter Season runs from Easter Sunday until Pentecost, a period of fifty days. During the Easter Season we light the Christ candle [which is also lit for each baptism and funeral] each Sunday to remind ourselves that we are baptized into the birth and death of Jesus Christ. This year, during the Easter Season, we will have a basin with water in the narthex, surrounded by living greenery, to signify the new life that comes in Jesus Christ. It was Luther, who when times were difficult, would declare, “I am baptized. I am baptized.” You are invited to dip your fingers in the water and make the sign of the cross on your forehead in remembrance of YOUR baptism either as you enter the sanctuary or as you leave. We go out into the world “sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever.”CONGRATULATIONS TO:
Brette Svenvold for taking second place in the Dawson County Annual Spelling Bee.
Blake Stanhope, who finished third at the Elks Regional Hoop Shoot in Rapid City, SD.
Jenna & Mike Knapp for the birth of their son, Maddix Dee. Proud Grandparents are Jerry & Vickie Trangmoe.
Again, to our local sports youth for giving us thrills during the tounaments that during March.
Freda reports that Derek Ohs has scored 50 3 pointers and Kalli Stanhope shot 55 3 pointers during this season!
Carol Popp, who celebrated her 70th Birthday on Easter Sunday.
Buck Pulse for making the Dean's list for Montana State University.
Kalli Stanhope, for being chosen Co-MVP player on the High School Basketball All Star series in Billings.



ZIONEWS - Page 3 April, 2008
Blessings Abound
One Tuesday morning, a lady from the community called me saying that she had an electric lift chair to donate to the Furniture room. Since I was working the 2-4 shift that afternoon, I took her name and number, telling her that I would see what I could do. D
uring that 2 hour shift God’s goodness shone bright as His blessings just kept coming and coming.
* Within the first 10 minutes, a gentleman who had a friend experiencing some major hip problems came saying that his friend was in fear of having to go to the nursing home, and that they had prayed together the night before for an electric lift chair. I told him about the call that I had that morning, and that the lady had said it was in good condition, but it leaned a little to the left. He smiled and said that his friend had a bad bed sore on his right hip and he needed to lean to the left! He raised his hands upward and said “That’s my God!!!” The two of them got together and he picked it up direct from her.
* A good, soft recliner was brought in. Within 20 minutes a nice lady, who had just brought her adult son home from the Billings Hospital suffering from kidney cancer, came in looking for a soft recliner that she could add to her home for his comfort.
* Weeks earlier, a woman had donated a new set of dishes that she had picked up on a good sale, asking me to keep them in the back until someone who had nothing would need them. So, when that afternoon a couple of high school kids helping the Domestic Violence Program set up a “safe house” in Glendive came in looking for dishes , it seemed like the perfect fit.
* A young man who had been waiting for a bed since December was thrilled to pick up a king size waterbed with all the parts and pieces.
Each day that the furniture room is open, it is evident that God is there - with the people in the community that have the heart to donate and with the people that give a second home to furniture and household items that we have in our Furniture Room.
We are open Tuesdays from 2:00 - 4:00pm and on Saturdays, 11:00am - 3:00pm.
We are currently looking for a volunteer to work Tuesdays, 4:00-6:00pm every other week. If you would like to take part in this ministry, give me a call at 377-4484. Maggie Thompson
We have a summer Lay Pastor!
He is Joel Smeby, a student at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is married to wife Cynthia and has a grown daughter Anna who is living in the far east. Joel has an extensive background in computer programming and music.
3. Joel was born at Sturgeon Bay, WI. March 1, 1949 to Carsten and Margrete Smeby, one of five children; his father is retired ELCA pastor; mother is retired school teacher/church musician. .Joel spent several weeks last summer, gaining experience at St. John Lutheran Church in Dickinson, North Dakota.
The sabbatical for Pastor Avis will be the months of June, July and August so Joel’s assignment with us will start Sunday June, 1 and end with the 14th Sunday on August 31.. Janet Meland has offered the use of her basement apartment for Joel to use during that time.
Bill Miller, Council President

Highlights from March 11th Council Meeting
An orientation was held for the benefit of the new members to the council and committee assignments were ratified. The church radio equipment is repaired and back in service thanks to Steve Merrill. New Deacons - Verna Carpenter, Georgina Hansen and Dave Weidner were approved. The council was updated on the progress of the summer lay pastor selection. We have chosen the final two and are awaiting information from one concerning his fall intern assignment as it may conflict with the term at Zion.

Food Bank Sunday is the second Sunday of each month. Staples are always needed.
The March Change For Hunger, $25.34, was given to World Hunger. In April Change 4 Hunger will go to the Montana Rescue Mission.
“As long as hunger exists, Peace cannot prevail.” Willie Brandt, Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Thank you for your continued support
in the fight against world hunger.

ZIONEWS - Page 4 April, 2008


Spring is in the air and He has risen - Thanks be to God for all He has given!!!
With all the school sports activities and Easter activities, our youth groups have been kind of short and sweet for the month of March, but we will continue onward. With Spring and Summer ahead of us, we will be having both youth groups meeting after school so we can do different thing inside and outside of the church while the weather is enjoyable to do so. (So please make a note of that)!!!

For the month of April, the following has been scheduled:

4/02 - High School-bowling at Glen Bowl Lanes at 4:00pm
4/09 - Middle School bowling at Glen Bowl Lanes @ 4:00pm. If you need a ride, let me know.
4/16 - No Youth Group. I will be doing Special Olympics. If you would like to help with that, please let me know. They could always use a helping hand.
4/23 - 7:00pm - Africa slide show given by Mr. Richard Simonton. This is for both youth groups and their families. Bring your favorite goodies to share during and after the show. You won’t want to miss this!!!

Be sure to put these dates and activities on your calendar. Thanks be to God.

Andy Huschka

There will be a Vacation Bible School Meeting on Monday, April 7th at 6:30pm in the church basement. If you can not attend and are interested in helping, please call Cami White at 377-2151.


How to Live a Healthy and Holy Life

One of the best ways to increase God’s power in your life is to follow the guidance of
I Thessalonians 5: 16-18.
“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,
give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is the will of God
in Christ Jesus for you.”

By doing this, you will increase God’s power naturally in your life.

*Rejoice always: It is easy to slip into a dark, pessimistic, doubting, and cynical spirit. This is especially true when suffering from the depression that so often afflicts us either because of physical or mental illness. Look around for reasons to sense and appreciate God’s presence. It can be the love of family, the movements of nature, or anything else that reveals God’s work in the world. Try to find ways to rejoice, even if is difficult and you see no joy in life. Rejoicing increases God’s presence.

* Pray without ceasing: Turn your life into prayer. You don’t have to pray in a formal way. Talk to God all throughout the day. Give God your burdens. Let God be a constant companion by constantly speaking and listening to God throughout your day.

* Give thanks in all circumstances: The more we thank God in every point of life, even when we don’t sense God, the more we create openings for God to enter our lives. Think about this. Have you noticed that when you are thankful towards other people, they are more likely to be giving and caring toward you? And the opposite is true: the more ungrateful and grudging we are in life, the less people respond. Our attitude can either open or close us to others, and it can open or close us to God. Look for reasons to thank God.

When you find ways to rejoice, pray, and give thanks, it increases God’s power in your life.

From “A Guide to Healing Prayer”,
Rev Dr. N. Graham Standish

ZIONEWS - Page 5 April, 2008


The congregation of Zion would like to give Alida Ames and Norm Unterseher a big Thank You for your six years of faithful service as a Deacon. New Deacons are David Weidner, Verna Carpenter, Gene Hansen and Georgina Hansen. Thank you for stepping up and taking the position of Deacon.Thank you for the many expressions of sympathy and acts of kindness shown to us during the recent, sudden loss of my dear brother, Matt Golik. We especially cherish your continued prayers for healing and peace.
Maureen & Gary Lundman & the Golik Families

Pastoral Acts Private Communions in March - 51
Baptisms: 3/22 Carter Michael Amsler
3/22 Trevor Hugh Berreth
3/22 Aaliyah Shanell Mai Marx
3/22 Dillon Bruce Smith
Funerals: 3/03 August “Shorty” Opp
3/08 Kathryn Lee Fochs
1st Communion on 3/20: Dillon Bruce Smith, Cody Ray Bilbrey, Trevor Hugh Berreth, Zannelle Skye Iwen, Aaliyah Shanell Mai Marx

Thanks to Ann Aldinger for lettering
the certificates so beautifully.

FOR THE RECORD February Financial Report
Checking Acct Balance as of 2/1/08 $ 9,910.95
General Fund February
Envelopes & Plates + $13,569.40
+ Other Offerings + 505.00
+ Transfer from Savings
Designated for GATE + 238.95
Total Funds Available $24,224.30
Less expenditures for the month -17,222.70
(includes a MDU Bill of $3,064.40)
Checking Acct Balance for 2/29/08 $7,001.60
Savings Account for February
Savings Acct Balance as of 2/1/2008 $30,436.10
Trans to checking from designated funds - 238.95 Savings Acct Bal 2/29/08 $30,197.15
(Designated savings fund) $14,397.72 (Non-Designated savings fund) $15,799.43
Mortgage Report
Balance as of 2/1/08 $ 4,980.28
Payment (interest $30.56) -871.41
Mortgage Balance 2/29/08 $ 4,108.87

Date Attendance Communion Income
Feb 20 Chapel 5 5
Feb 20 Evening 65 65
Feb 24 134 132 $3,384.15
Feb 27 Chapel 4 4
Feb 27 Evening 92 2
Mar 2 149 137 $19,722.58 Mar 5 Chapel 5 5
Mar 5 Evening 85
Mar 9 134 119 $3,922.00
Mar 9 Nursing Home 18 18
Mar 12 Chapel 5 5
Mar 12 Evening
Mar 16 228 175 $3,248.00
Total of Lenten Offerings: $ 638.00
Mar 19 Chapel 3 3
Mar 20 through Mar 30th - See April Zionews




ZIONEWS - Page 6 April, 2008


In memory of Elmer Kolstad for the Air Conditioner Fund from Jim & Flossie Leaf
In memory of Elmer Kolstad
from Robert & Phyllis Newton
In memory of Elmer Kolstad for Padded Pews
from Freda Haidle
In memory of Fred J. and Allen Haidle’s
March birthdays for March 16th Radio Broadcast from Freda Haidle
In memory of Elmer Kolstad for Sanctuary Windows
from Charles & Helen Mason
In memory of Elmer Kolstad for Loaves & Fishes
from Anonymous
In memory of Elmer Kolstad from Bland & Calda Lunde
In memory of Mark Lunde
for the March 30th Radio Broadcast
from Calda & Bland Lunde (his parents)
In memory of Mark Lunde for Loaves & Fishes
from his parents Calda & Bland Lunde
In memory of Elmer Kolstad for Sanctuary Windows
from Georgia Norderud
In memory of Elmer Kolstad for a ELW Hymnal
from Cammy Sue Oakland
In memory of Mildred Pedersen for an ELW Hymnal
from Cammy Sue Oakland
In honor of the marriage of Eric and Natasha Miller
for the Carpet Fund from Dorothy Price
In memory of Scott Christensen
for the April 6th Radio Broadcast
from his parents,
James and Marilynn Knapp
In memory of Stella Holloway for the 3/2/08 Radio Broadcast from Karen Schock
In memory of Gladys Flesjer for Loaves & Fishes
from Jake & Carol Popp
In memory of Polly Foos, Carol Popp’s mother,
from Jim & Patsy Olmstead
To the Radio Fund from Adeline Ost
For Loaves and Fishes from Anonymous
In memory of Kathy Fochs for ELW Hymnal
from Sharon P. Allard
In memory of Kathy Fochs
from Scotty and Marilyn Harkins
In memory of Kathy Fochs from James & Linda Staiger

For the Carpet Fund from Dorothy S. Price
In memory of Matt Golik (Maureen Lundman’s brother)
for the Air Conditioner Fund
from Carole Dick
In honor of Pastor Avis Anderson’s birthday
from Carole Dick
In memory of Michael Fisher from Brenda Fisher
In memory of August Opp for Padded Pew fund
from Freda Haidle
In memory of Elmer Kolstad from Myrna L. Kintz
In memory of Elmer Kolstad
from Willis & Joan Schmidt
In memory of Matt Golik for World Hunger
from Georgia Norderud
In memory of Matt Golik for Loaves and Fishes
from Dorothy Paulson
In memory of Matthew Golik (Maureen Lundman’s brother) for Padded Pews
from Freda Haidle
In memory of Daraly Anderson (Jean Zeller’s brother)
for Padded Pews from Freda Haidle
In memory of Alice and Ambert Oliver for the March 23rd radio broadcast from the Oliver Trust
In honor of Pastor Avis’ birthday
for Missionary Covenant from Anonymous.
In memory of Matt Golik for two ELW Hymnals
from Paul, Deb, and Grace Solomonson

Wondering about designating memorials?
The Memorial Committee suggests:
- Air Conditioning - Carpeting
- Sanctuary Windows - Organ Fund- Hymnals
Zion Lutheran Endowment Donations for the first quarter of 2008:
Martha Hilger
Gary and Cathy Kirkpatrick
Keith and Jan Robinson




ZIONEWS - Page 7 April, 2008

ZLCW Business Meeting
Tuesday,April 7th
at 7:00pm


Chancel Guild,
Wed, April 16th - 2pm


Women of Faith
Wednesday, April 9th - 7:00pm


Deborah - Monday, April 21st - 7:00pm
Hostess: Barb Gartner 539 Highway 16
Dorcas - Thursday, April 17th - 1:30pm
Hostess: Grace Lunde
Elizabeth - Thursday, April 17th - 7:00pm
Hostess: Lee Donnelly
Hannah - Tuesday, April 8th - 1:30pm
Hostess: Georgia Norderud
Sarah - Thursday, April 17th - 7:00pm
Hostess: Deb Solomonson 301 Glenwood
The Cluster Spring Fling is scheduled for Saturday, April 19th in Broadus. The Broadus ladies would appreciate a call with an approximate number planning to attend from your unit by April 10th to help in preparing for this event. Please call Mary Sturtz at 436-2820 or Carol Greenwood at 427-5474.
A detailed letter was sent in January about the Spring Fling. I hope you all received it and I hope to see you there.

Esther Shearer, Cluster Secretary